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IdeaTorrent - How To Use

Idea Torrent: How it Works

Welcome to Digital Advocacy’s Idea Torrent.  This utility allows users to develop, discuss and vote on ideas on copyright reform with the ultimate goal of producing a document for submission to the ongoing copyright consultation.  The final product that emerges from idea torrents intended to represent a community driven perspective that truly reflects the views of Canadians.

Idea Torrent involves a four step process.  Here’s how it works:

Idea sandbox

Step 1: Idea Sandbox: Brainstorming

To start the process off, anyone can register or login and then submit to the Idea Sandbox by pressing ‘Submit your Idea’ on the right side of your screen.  Submissions will generally include problems that need to be addressed and can include one or more proposed solutions.

For example, your submission could be: ‘Fair-Dealing is not Broad Enough’.  In addition you can propose a solution: ‘Solution 1: Make the Purposes of Fair-Dealing Non-Exclusive’.

Once ideas or problems are submitted, they sit in the Idea Sandbox until at least two moderators vote in favour of promoting them into step 2.

Popular ideas

Step 2: Popular Ideas: Distilling

Step 2 is where much of the consultation occurs.  In Step 2, any registered user can read and comment on any problem that has been promoted from the Idea Sandbox.  In addition, users can comment on proposed solutions to any given problem, vote for or against any such proposed solution, or suggest their own solutions in response to proposed problems.

To do all this, first go to the Popular Ideas tab.  Then, find an Idea or Problem you feel requires a response.  These will look like this:

    Solution Sample

    Need to Fix Copyright Law

Click on the text next to the star will bring you to a page where you can read the full discussion of the idea or problem including all proposed solutions.  Here, you can vote for or against any proposed solutions by clicking on up or down arrows.

After a given Idea or Problem receives enough positive votes, it will be promoted into Step 3: Development.

    The Dashboard

Ideas in development

Step 3: Ideas in Development: Development

Once enough Solutions reach the Development phase, Steps 1 and 2 will be closed. The purpose of this phase is to take the most popular solutions and put them into document format.

All accepted Solutions will be displayed under the ‘Ideas in Development’ tab.  In addition, there will be a link to another application, ‘Mixed Ink’, where users will be able to contribute and comment on the drafting process.

Stayed tuned for more information here as we approach this phase.

Implemented ideas

Step 4: Implemented Ideas: Delivering

The Final phase is delivering.  At this stage, the final document will be presented.  The goal is to submit it to the copyright consultation.

More information on this stage will emerge as we near it.

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